Calendar System

There are 11 months in a calendar year, with each month having 40 days. A week is 10 days long and are referred to by the day of the week, 1st day, 2nd day, etc. There are also 4 universally celebrated holidays, marking the Winter and Summer solstice and the spring and fall equinox.

The 4 holidays are called (in the common tongue)

  • ElliaKree – The spring Equinox, takes place on the 111th day of the year
  • NasadKree – The summer Solstice, takes place on the 222nd day of the year
  • ElliaToror – The fall Equinox, takes place on the 333rd day of the year
  • NasedToror – The Winter Solstice, takes place on the 444th day, last day of the year

These holidays are injected into their respective months, and the weeks are continued after them without changing their number.

See Moons

The months of the year are

  1. Rilmiel
  2. Viustha
  3. Pa
  4. Rianne
  5. Suner
  6. Ethro
  7. Inghal
  8. Gathane
  9. Earen
  10. Dinron
  11. Thilas

Calendar System

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