What a bunch of Bastards

1st Session

Each of the PCs has been charged and found guilty of non-destructive magical vandalism and/or disruption of the peace. The players were brought before the Magistrate Emmit and have been sentenced to 20 hours of community service. Service must be performed without the use of magic. Failure to complete this service will mean jail time for 30 days.

Details of Crimes

  • Matt -
  • Jeremiah -
  • Brent -
  • Don -

The Magistrates steward Mathias has been charged with overseeing the community service. The players have been assigned to stay at The Scoundrel and the Cup during the period of their service. They may stay in the basement for free, but PC’s are required to provide for their own food/drink. The players are placed into a damp basement, with simple pallets on the floor for sleeping. The room is cramped, and the pallets contain fleas.

We will start the adventure on the first day of your labor.


mattekure mattekure

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